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[1] How to Build a Business with Mental Health Challenges with Josephine Brooks

by Veronika

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Josephine Brooks is a creative business coach whose mission is to help creative business owners build a business that enables them to live the holistic lifestyle they ache for, by helping them find clarity around the lifestyle and business they want to crate and plan out the steps to making it a reality. But her philosophy isn’t about being busy and striving to get more done, it’s all about doing less and focussing on the most impactful projects and tasks.

Aside from her work, Josephine is a self-confessed country bumpkin living a slow and seasonal life in the Hampshire countryside. She can often be found in her wellies walking her two dogs or drinking many cups of tea from the garden in summer, or by the fire in winter.

Josephine is very open about her mental health and how she started building her business to create a lifestyle she desire. It was my pleasure to interview her and find out more incredible things about her.


  • How mental health can impact us and our dreams
  • How running the business can help/support your mental health
  • Top tips on how to deal with the mental health triggers

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

Josephine’s Website | Instagram

Register for Josephine’s ‘Design Your Holistic Lifestyle Mini Course

The Miracle Morning routine Miracle Morning in 6 Minutes

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