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[2] How Sleep Deprivation May Affect Our Wellbeing with Dr. Christie Lewis

by Veronika

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Dr Christie Lewis is an NHS GP and a Private Health & Life Coach. She also happens to be a former Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist and is in the process of completing an Applied Nutrition Diploma.

She has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of Health, Wellbeing, Sleep, Stress, Anxiety & Burnout.

Dr Christie became a Health & Life Coach after she became hugely frustrated as a GP only having 10 minutes in a consultation to get to the root cause of people’s problems. Having also received Coaching herself after experiencing burnout, she realised the true power of Coaching in helping you to make positive changes to your health and overall wellbeing.

This new role has allowed her to concentrate on supporting people to achieve their health and life goals, help people to overcome stress and anxiety and avoid them reaching burnout. She also empowers people to make those all-important changes they need, to find balance and happiness in their life.

Alongside her Coaching business, she also runs UK based Retreats, allowing you to escape to the countryside for a relaxing weekend to unwind, eat nutritious food, do lovely restorative exercise, get lots of sleep and learn practical ways to manage stress and anxiety.


  • How sleep affects our mood
  • How sleep affects our productivity level
  • How what we eat and drink may affect our sleep quality
  • What type of routine, we should follow before going to sleep

Links to resources we mentioned in this episode

If you want to find out more about her Coaching and how she can help you or you wish to find out more about her Retreats, please follow the links below.

Social Media: @doctorchristielewis

Website: www.doctorchristielewis.com

Email: doctorchristielewis@gmail.com

Retreats & Workshops: @restorativeretreats, www.restorativeretreats.org

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