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Nourish Your Body And Build a Better Relationship with Food

by Veronika

Body confidence, weight loss, food types, well these are the type of topics which we keep hearing about day in, day out.

My Life Consisted of Silly and Unhealthy Diets…

My life consisted of silly and unhealthy diets since I have been 15 years old and in addition to it all, I have been suffering with acne all my life. I genuinely struggled with confidence and felt completely lost which led to developing an eating disorder. I thought that being skinny will make me happy and more popular, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I remember the turning point when in just one month, I have lost 22 pounds (10kg). It was a breaking point for my body and my mental health.

I have made the decision to explore a different country…

At 19 years of age, I have made the decision to explore a different country and moved to the UK. Fast-forward those 13 years and I have created my own personal space which is “Nourish Kitchen by V”. I have started opening up about how to nourish your body, how to build a better relationship with food, but mainly how to work with my own mental health challenges.

Over the last 5 years, I have been building a better relationship with food, my body and my mind. Within this period a lot has happened several illnesses in my family and my own. At this time, I have really realised what a huge impact food is having on our overall well-being and started researching more about it.

I have learnt that food is an incredible source of energy and is able to support our mood, our physical health and mainly mental health. The power of mindful eating isn’t in dieting but exploring the body nourishment, health and happiness.

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There isn’t an overnight fix…

There isn’t an overnight fix for building a better relationship with food, however, here are a few tips which helped me to start nourishing my body and mainly start loving and appreciating food.

  1. Start making food changes slowly, as remember time is a healer
  2. Experiment with some colours, eat the rainbow (veg & fruit are so tasty and are full of vitamins and minerals)
  3. Make fresh food and ensure you avoid processed food
  4. Move your body, even going for walk will keep your mind and body energised
  5. Don’t cut out food groups (it can be dangerous)
  6. Nourish your skin and body with plenty of water (recommended daily intake is approximately 2 litres)
  7. Talk to qualified nutritionist if you are experiencing any food intolerance

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to cooking from scratch or even what to cook and eat, then don’t worry. As a nutrition and food confidence coach, I am offering 1:1 consultation session which will guide you and help you to discover joy in nourishing food and mainly build a better relationship with your body. Remember, I was in your shoes before and I am here for you 100% to show you a different way.

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Lots of love

V xx

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