Nourishing Recipes

Plant based, vegan and meat lovers friendly

A wide range of nourishing and nutrient-rich recipes, suitable for plant based, vegan and even meat lovers. My recipes are affordable, easily adaptable and easy. 

Breakfast Recipes

Pancakes on the plate

Sunday Vegan Pancakes

If you have a sweet tooth then these vegan pancakes are so quick and easy to make. They are just perfect if you fancy something different on Sunday morning. The

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Main Recipes

Red Thai Prawn Curry

30 Minutes Prawn Red Thai Curry

Lemongrass contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help you cope with cold, cough and flu. It’s also loaded with plenty of Vitamin C to support your immune system.  

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Desserts & Snacks Recipes

Coconut Bounty Macaroons on a plate

Healthy Bounty Macaroons

This is a superb recipe for a quick and delicious nourishing treat. And the best thing is, you can make it all under £5. Overall, this recipe is quick, tasty

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