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Why Do We Have to Label Our Diet?

by Veronika

With almost Veganuary being over, it honestly made me think about our society and how we humans don’t ever simplify anything for ourselves. We have created numerous diets, detox plans, supplements and it may be quite difficult for people who just purely want to enjoy nourishing food whilst nourishing their body at the same time.

We Live In the 21st Century and It Feels Harder Than Ever to Eat Food

We live in the 21st century and it feels harder than ever to eat whatever we feel is right for our body and our well-being. If you choose to cut down on meat and animal products, you are being looked at like you are out of your mind and then when you say that you don’t eat any animal products, you may see people shaking their heads. And then I won’t even mention the reaction when you actually decide to keep all animal products in your day to day life.

Nutrition Lies In The Headlines

Over the weekend, I have attended The Food For Thought Festival in London which was hosted by a great nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert. One of the many talks which was something which had to be discussed was “Nutrition Lies in The Headlines“. I have actually raised one of the questions to the incredible panel of experts to figure out what is then right or wrong when it comes to food and what eat or not to eat. Every morning, we wake up, there may be something new in media when it comes to food and what illness it may or may not cause. I mean what to trust anymore and mainly what to eat.

Ensure that Your Plate is Colourful

Where does it say that you have to become vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, eat animal products or whatever else to become a happy and healthy version of yourself? Whatever your lifestyle, always ensure that your body still gets the right amount of nutrients and isn’t deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Ensure that your plate is colourful and that you are feeding your body with all the relevant and appropriate food groups such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as all of these your body needs in order to sustain energy levels.

Nourish NOT Punish

I constantly get asked by my family, so what do you eat these days then. Well, it’s simple, I don’t label my lifestyle, I purely live my life by enjoying different types of food which I know will nourish my body, mind, and soul. I feel like any type of labeling is restricting you in discovering an incredible food out there and life is just too short to be labeled in any way. After years of fad diets, eating disorder and weight loss products, my lifestyle is pretty simple, it’s purely about “Nourishment NOT Punishment”. I live my life fully and don’t restrict myself what I eat if I fancy a pizza I then simply have a pizza if I fancy G&T or glass of wine, I simply have some :). Life is much more than just what we look like, for me these days it’s mainly about how I feel mentally. I reassure you once you start accepting your own body, you will discover how powerful and great it can be.

My Conclusion

Here are some of my 10 TOP TIPS when it comes to food labeling and how to build a better relationship with food. You are a creator of your own life and happiness and what everyone else around you is saying doesn’t matter. You know your body than anyone else out there, so just feed it with love and nourishing food.

  1. Don’t let media headlines to put you off food
  2. Don’t cut out on food which your body may be eventually missing
  3. Do what is right for your body and mind, what everyone else around you is saying doesn’t matter
  4. You know your body more than anyone else
  5. Try new things and break it to your body step by step
  6. Don’t hang out on counting the calories, it’s about much more than calories in vs out
  7. You create your own lifestyle which works for you
  8. Self-acceptance and love of your body may start breaking some bridges when it comes to food
  9. Don’t include movement into your life because you have to but because you want to
  10. Avoid any articles, bloggers, nutritionists who classify food as a naughty treat, clean, dirty and so on

I can only hope that this summary gave you something to think about when it comes to food and remember, you don’t have to label your lifestyle in order to become happy and healthy.

Lots of love

V xx

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